The first year of MOUNT MEL has been packed with exciting developments. In honor of the first birthday on January 9, 2018, let´s take a brief look back over the various experiences and locations that we have been able to enter in our own company summit register. In its first year, MOUNT MEL was active in 7 countries for 10 customers in a total of 15 projects. The company undertook a first expansion in the middle of the year, with Robert Brunner joining the administrative board in a role incorporating creative input and company controlling.
A big thank you to all customers and partners who have placed their trust in the start-up MOUNT MEL!


7 countries 

MOUNT MEL received orders from customers in 5 countries. Austria (Tyrol) was the biggest contributor, followed by Germany (Black Forest), Switzerland (Bern), and Italy (South Tyrol). We even recently completed an initial project for a customer from Sri Lanka. With its links to various partners and conferences, MOUNT MEL was active in locations as far afield as Slovenia (Sportour) and even Erzurum in eastern Turkey (1st International Winter and Mountain Tourism Congress). The company was also internationally published, with two expert contributions on Product development for ski areas in the bike sector and the Difference between marketing and advertising appearing in the specialist magazine “ISR”.

10 customers – 15 projects

MOUNT MEL was commissioned by Innsbruck Tourismus to support the strategic product development project Bike City Innsbruck. The key aspects were the joint development of the bike program with all stakeholders and the joint development of the necessary communication platforms, which addressed the topics of mountain biking all around the city of Innsbruck and the new Bikepark Innsbruck.





The collaboration with Mayrhofner Bergbahnen saw me devise and support a number of strategic projects. In addition to the relaunch of the company website, the first visible results of this work were seen above all in the Mayrhofner Mountain App. Boasting an integrated navigation function, this depicts the essential features of the many new attractions on the mountain.





In the Alpbachtal valley, the new marketing employee at Alpbacher Bergbahnen was provided with thorough training to prepare him for his tasks in the ropeway industry and in the field of marketing for ski areas.


Working on behalf of one of the largest bike marathons in Europe, the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon, we began by conducting a customer survey and competitor analysis. In collaboration with the board of the organizing committee, we subsequently implemented a strategy process in order to define the brand, its unique positioning, and the aims for the event up to the year 2020. Building on this information, we then developed ideas and work packages for the further product development of the event.



MOUNT MEL was able to acquire two customers in the B2B sector of the ropeway industry. Wyssen Avalanche Control is a Swiss family company that has been building systems for preventive avalanche release since the 1970s. With the invention of the Wyssen avalanche tower, the company quickly rose to the position of international technology leader in the field of controlled avalanche release. Having installed some 370 avalanche towers, it is also the market leader in Switzerland, Austria, and Norway. MOUNT MEL was commissioned by the company to carry out a number of small-scale projects for market testing and communication purposes.



Lo.La is an innovative Tyrolean start-up that uses local knowledge to provide services and tools enabling risk management for ski areas, infrastructure, and authorities. This was another collaboration that saw MOUNT MEL work together with the shareholders in 2017 to establish the brand and positioning, thereby laying the foundations for further measures in terms of marketing and sales planning.



Three other fascinating projects/start-ups were provided with support in the form of brand strategy in 2017, creating the basis for them to really hit the ground running in 2018.

MOUNT MEL is looking forward to new challenges in 2018. Here’s to reaching new heights!